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Thursday, November 14th “How Did We Get Here?” (Public)

Successfully addressing the global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis requires more than just innovation in scientific research – it involves a greater understanding of how the choices we make in our everyday lives help contribute to the problem in the first place. Our two-day Symposium will begin with a back-to-back series of educational public evening lectures with the overarching theme of “How Did We Get Here?”. The intention of these presentations is to provide a comprehensive overview of the past, current, and future state of the global AMR crisis, upon which the remainder of the seminar will build upon from a solutions-based standpoint. Importantly, these sessions will give the public an opportunity to engage with our speakers and learn must change in order to appropriately address the AMR problem.

Friday, November 15th “Where Are We Going?” (Academic)

Day Two of the 2019 Gairdner Symposium will be highly solutions-focused, with presentations delivered by health and science experts representing multiple sectors of AMR innovation. Our speakers will discuss the current status and future potential of modern-day AMR strategies and solutions, specifically as they pertain to the areas of drug discovery, surveillance, and antimicrobial stewardship. Selected students will be given the opportunity to present their research at McMaster University, shedding light on the potential of new and emerging innovations and ideas in the field.
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